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Friday, March 28, 2008

Last exam to go

Yesterday was the last day of classes for Co 08 and by tomorrow evening we will be done with our exams too and all related academic work. On one hand we are going to miss this place on the other hand we are all looking forward to get in to real business world.

Currently we are in the middle of exchanging personal ids and expecting to be in touch in future. I don't know how many would actually be in touch. One advantage I had seen with gtalk is that whenever you see someone online you feel you are in touch with that person and I think this is the basic level of online presence while facebook, linkedin etc are enhancements.

Last week we have celebrated Holi and I must mention that it was the best Holi I had ever celebrated and I would remember it for years to come. It was a crazy crazy day. I could see what's the power of a community. I feel this is one thing that is missing in urban life these days as people are not spending enough time to build trust and relationships and constantly trying to outdo others and win the endless race. You live life now not in the past or in the future. You must live each moment for that moment and stop worrying about past or waiting for future.

In term 8, I liked Microfinance and PRFI courses and the other two subjects appeared to be a little drag though there was some learning. All the professors were excellent but I think there is a lack of motivation from my side not because I am already placed but because there is no space left in my mind. Prof. Shamika Ravi who taught MFIN has lots of passion and interest towards the subject.

Lots of people have been asking me if it was worth it and the response from me would be a resounding Yes - ISB is worth it.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Two more weeks to go

We are slowly drifting towards the last day of studies and then graduation day. I really need a break from studies, reading and assignments but there seems to be no respite for another two weeks.

Lots of parties, movie screenings and outings are happening in campus but I would say it is quite silent here. People are really chilling out enjoying the evening breeze in Hyderabad. Temperature during the day is increasing everyday. While lot of people have been warning me of Delhi's weather, I am not concerned so much, after all there are enough people living there and I am no worse than them in terms of adapting to new weather. Next five years, I am planning to finish exploring north completely while I am in Delhi and then head southwards (all this is ex-ante though!).
Placements stats are being released by different B-schools and raising aspirations. Going to B-school is like inorganic growth these days; while everyone is fully aware and bullish about the upside, they are fully ignoring the downside of inorganic growth. There are many things in career apart from money, brands and fancy roles. Career is a small part of life and one should understand how much it matters to him.

Recently while speaking to a senior colleague of mine, he suggested that I become a career consultant considering the number of switches I have made in my career. While the principles behind career planning are simple they are not easy to fully understand. It takes years before an individual realizes what he/she is passionate about. Best way to start is by giving your best to any opportunity that comes across to you. Once you make your mark you will be in a better position to judge whether that particular track is for you or not. Many people decide that a particular line is not for them if they are not making progress. But I would say that one is always in a better position only after you do well in that position. Also it would be easy for others to bet on you if you've been successful in something already and your abilities are proven. Think about it.

As I mentioned in one of the mails earlier, people are going through different emotions about their jobs but everyone is unanimous about one thing - no more assignments please.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Things that I didn't try at ISB

While I tried to do as many things as possible at ISB, there are few things that I didn't touch at all during the last one year at ISB. Here's the list of those things:
1. Be at LRC till 2 am in the night
2. Contest for some election - clubs or gsb
3. Feature in media photos or videos
4. Go for a Goa trip in any of the breaks (This is one thing, I wanted to do)
5. Try fishing in the ISB lake (I'm not sure if there are any fish in the lake though)
6. Bunk a class
7. Explore the wild forest (I still have time for this and I am going to do this surely)

I will post more such trivia in the coming days. Have fun.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Assessing creativity using dumb-charades

Day before we had a small gathering in SV1. We had nice food and enthusiasts also had booze after which we played some nice games. While playing dumb-charades I realized that this game requires lots of imagination and creativity and non-verbal communication skills. It also requires the ability to relate with people.

It would be good idea to use this game as an assessment tool in informal settings and verify findings from other activities.

Today I attended my diploma classmate's marriage at Champapet. This place is about 30kms from Gachibowli and it took me an hour to go there. I met some old colleagues from Bakelite Hylam, Nacharam apart from my JNGP classmates and collegemates. It was interesting to see people who are working in so many diverse areas.

At ISB we are struggling to finish the last few assignments. I can now say that some courses in Term 8 is a little drag. ISB is getting ready for the next batch and I am sure they must be raring to go. My only suggestion for Co 09 is to have fun till April comes.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

It's fun-time at ISB

Our galli cricket has now triggered a ISB-wide night cricket tournament. Apart from the funny rules, people are also organizing beers, music etc.

Our energetic captain Amit Goel responded to the RFP and put up a team together. The first match of the tournament was between our team and F2 team. We really had a bad start with our batting but then Jassi, Suhail and Puneet Arora played some excellent shots and we managed to put a decent score of 67 in 10 overs. Our bowling clicked much better and we restricted the opposition to 38. Sec E definitely rocks when it comes to any team event. Our team was there in time with all the eight players while the other team was searching for players and their captain was making frantic calls for players.

Sec E is also busy in writing testimonials for each other. Believe me each person in the section is a gem - Section E is truly the best. I would never forget the core terms and the fun we had. More fun follows in the next two days in the form of night cricket.