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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dynamic websites

My blogging has surely become quite intermittent. This is not because I have stopped having anything to share but because I am trying multiple things but my blog is still like my native place. I have been trying to bring whatever I am doing elsewhere to this blog, so that the regular don't miss seeing my ramblings (those who get used don't care if it is good or bad, I presume they just need the dose).

I would like to share this idea that has been coming back again and again in recent days and after seeing Firefox launching its Personas, I felt it is good time to share this idea.

I keep visiting certain websites on a regular basis, for example - my personal mail, a news site, my bank site, a certain professional body and so on. All these websites are well designed and look great for the first few times you visit them but after sometime they start getting boring - same color, same fonts, same logos.

I started thinking wouldn't it be wonderful if they make the website look dynamic not just customize/personalize. More and more we are living (spending time) on the internet and since the marginal cost going dynamic is small (I am assuming this here), it would be nice if we can make internet more like the Wonderland that Alice went to. This will provide opportunity for the creative part of us to come out on a larger canvas and keep life (internet) more interesting.

Google has been doing this on its home page and I think people like the surprise element of that without loosing the basic nature. I mean to say that websites can become dynamic without changing their basic character/identity. I can try this on my blog itself but then I am not that savvy and even though I tried to get some help earlier, not much actually happened.

I want this message to mainly reach ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, ADB, WRI, different sites hosted on nic.in, even gmail. Let's see if someone is reading