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Monday, April 14, 2008

Student to Alum

The transformation from being a student to an alum has been quite a difficult one. You are stripped of all your privileges at ISB and you are just like another visitor. But there is an advantage of being a "local" and I am taking advantage of that fully by landing in the campus every other day and I managed to play squash after about three months.

I have lot of stuff to write but limited net access, which I will get in a day or two. Meanwhile I am re-reading Deathly Hollows and spending my time.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The day before graduation

This might be my last post from ISB. The whole thing seems to have reached the end too quickly. Most people are reluctant to pack and move but some have already got out of this place. 2007 would be a year that I wouldn't forget for a longtime to come. It has been a tremendous experience.

I have been reading JK and it definitely disoriented my thought process. I am planning to go to Delhi next week to do some pre-shifting prep work.

Another amazing thing that this student community has successfully done is the Year Book. They have put in excellent effort and Savio Barretto Wesley must be appreciated for it; I should also thank Maria George from Sec E for pushing all of us to do the necessary work. Even this blog managed to grab some space in the year book.

Latest addition to ISB campus is the events lounge and Class of 2008 will be remembered for this. Nidhi Reddy, in particular, has to be appreciated for the SLC initiatives, I can definitely say that we had so much fun because of Nidhi - three cheers to Nidhi.

ISB is getting ready for Co 09 and it's going to be their time. I'm planning to drop in during the orientation week and may be do couple of sessions on "Coping with studies," "How to make it to the Dean's list even though it may not be useful" etc :) and may be something like "What I couldn't do but you should definitely try" type of stuff. There is so much to give gyaan about - hehehe.

That's all for now. I have two months of free time and I am going to chill off completely and try visiting few places during this time. Cheers