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Monday, April 27, 2009

This is amazing, it works

Technology works, not to create magic or inconceivable stuff but to remove the hindrances created by bureaucracy. When I first saw Jaagore ad, I was impressed but not motivated. It was a kind of cheek-slap ad but then we Indians have been taught to show the other cheek (we follow it not because we believe in the principle behind it but rather due to laziness or due to the marginal effort required (MBA stuff).

But then the Jaagore team kept on slapping, throwing cold water on sleepy faces in different ways. In the end I decided to give it a try. First I visited the site and created a form, which is quite simple. But then the biggest value addition is the mention of the ERO details alongwith with a mobile number. I tried calling the ERO but the response was that they have closed enrolment due to ongoing assembly elections and that he doesn't when they would open the counter again, my motivation went back to square one (system doesn't work). During this time, I explained all this to my colleague, who too registered online but then did nothing after that (average Indian). After couple of months, I received another follow up mail from Jaagore saying that enrolment in Delhi is ON and that I can do it now.

The Go-getter in me woke up. I called the ERO who didn't respond but then I used my Google skills (my perception about googling is that by now people have developed so many ways of googling, some efficient and some inefficient that there is a need to conduct Certified Training Programs, basic, advanced specialist etc in googling skills) and found out the landline number (someone will lift the phone, no caller ID hehehe) and found out the location where I need to submit the form BUT then the person said that the date for submission is gone. Alas, after so much effort, it's back to square one again. But then the go-getter wanted to finish it on some action note, so I mailed to Jaagore.com explaining what all happened and request them to check if what I found is true and if something could be done. I received NO RESPONSE. Average Indian Initiativee, after all, at that point it appeared to me that Jaagore's effort are limited to backend and to achieve real success we need local support too. I told about all this to my colleague who happily blamed the system once again like an Average Indian and I joined. After all the blaming, we decided to check with the ERO of his constituency and found that enrolment is open there.

I finally decided to physically check the whole thing and the next day turned up at the place where forms are to be submitted along with all the proofs. After some teething issues, I managed to submit my form and get an acknowledgement, which neither has a number nor a due date. I finally decided to rest the issue and came back. All this happened a month ago.

I kept searching the Delhi online voter list, which is hopeless as everytime I give my name, it brings me back the list of ALL VOTERS in the constituency. I nevertheless tried to check my name but it was useless (the data was as of Feb but I was hoping in vain that it will be updated regularly). Finally on last Saturday I wanted to give it a try again and visited the website of Delhi CEO (interesting abbreviation) and found a number where I can call to check the status. I called the number, gave all my details and then WOW, it worked, I got a alphanumeric number of EPIC (Election Photo Identity Card, :) ). Equipped with this information, I wanted to see my name in the voter list, I visited the site with no positive result again but found a link to a form in which I can punch in may mail ID along with my EPIC number and I'm supposed to get my voter details. I did everthing necessary and expected a mail by evening but looks like even the system is on Holiday.

But then the reason I titled this post "This is Amazing, it works" because at precisely 9:56 AM someone in the CEO office clicked on send reply to all mail requests and I got the enclosed mail along with my voter details, yuppie.

I now can confidently say, in India, world's largest democracy, systems work and that I am gonna vote this time. For those who missed the deadlines and lost motivation, I must say, there is hope. Once the elections are over and the new government comes in, you should finish submitting your Form-6, we don't know if the current political leadership will handle the hung situation like P V Narasimha Rao handled and avert a repoll. Both ways you will be a winner but till then let's Hope for the best.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Election <ceo@mail.nic.in>
Date: Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 9:56 AM
Subject: Voter & Ps location details :UBV1xxxxx6 at 27/04/2009 09:56:03
To: kiran.aalla@gmail.com

Voter & Ps location details UBVxxxxx6

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Test Blog

I'm trying to experiment with the new feature blogger has come up with. Considering that I get most of my ideas at work, I suppose I can beat the proxy settings and keep posting on my blog. If this works, you can expect some very interesting posts coming your way shortly


Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's Graduation Day at ISB

It's that time of the year again, when 400 odd ambitious and smart youngsters (some oldies too) look forward to receive their graduation certificate (though a dummy one) and toss their Hats in unison.

Lots of people have been asking me about how ISB Class of 2009 has fared in placements and I think last weeks newspapers covered it clearly and adequately. This batch, only after the founding batch has faced problems with placements, thanks to financial melt down and the bearish outlook. But according to me, this is best starting for a long and successful career, a career that is built on one's real capabilities and "Reality" and not on someone's bullish exuberance.

Campus recruitment is a market place in which it is the Employers (buyers)who should be desperate to get a right person for their organization but I don't think it is a place where a student targets a company or two and gets into them. I am not complaining about what happened to our batch last year but then I wouldn't have complained with what happened this year too.

By the time FT reaches this batch for its annual rankings after 3 years, I would bet that this batch would be atleast as good as other batches if not better. I wish each one of the Class of 2009 batch a great success in the year ahead. I hope that Class of 2010, which would be getting started sometime next week, keeps this in mind and doesn't focus on placements but rather focus on building capabilities to handle tough situations.

Feeling good that I have been able to finally finish this post. See you all shortly

Friday, April 3, 2009

Vote for

It's election time in India; slowly but steadily election fever is drawing away eye balls and air-time from the financial meltdown and recession

My tryst with voting this time got triggered by Jaagore. Though the Jaagore initiative didn't quite meet my expectation, it triggered action, which I think is a great achievement in the social space. I finally managed to locate my ERO and submit my voter registration form.

Other dimension of this election is that my earlier boss Shri Dr. Sravan Kumar Dasoju is contesting from Secunderabad parliamentary constituency (Andhra Pradesh). I had sensed this when I met him before moving to Delhi. This person has the energy, passion and guts to take a decision and follow it up with action. He was Head HR in ca reputed IT company in Hyderabad but then he listened to his calling. I hope there are more candidates like this.

With his background I'm sure he would add great value to national skill building initiative. He is so passionate to help people from rural background and those from backward sections, which I happened to witness during my short stint with him. Hat's off Dr. Sravan.

Very few believe in what their heart is saying and very few act upon it. By giving opportunity to such a person, Chiranjeevi, Praja Rajyam Party President, has done a great job. I wish people of this contituency recognize the opportunity to elect such a person who can positively influence livelihood of many sons and daughters of the country.

A website has been set up to support him and I urge all the voters of Andhra Pradesh and Secunderabad constituency visit this site Dr. Sravan's web page and learn more about him.

I located his speech on Youtube, which I think is average and doesn't fully convey what this man really is.

I wish him the best and wish that more people, who believe they can contribute through politics, take such step and change this country.